Gummy Drop

What #game are you playing? #Try This!

What #game are you playing? #Try This!

Hey Candy Crush lovers! Are you getting frustrated having to wait a long time to continue with candy crush? Tired of being held hostage and needing help from your friends? Are you actually paying to continue playing? Fret not. Help is here! Big Fish Games has introduced their version of candy crush and I have to tell you that it’s much easier than the present trend. It’s called “Gummy Drop.” It’s in the same format of Candy Crush, match 3 and it has several great benefits which I list below.

  1. You get a Gummy Drop life fill up EVERY 60 min. Which means you can play continuously! No waiting for many hours or the next day.
  2. NO friends needed! With Gummy Drop you don’t have to send out those awful requests that everyone hates!
  3. One app download to get tons of other gaming types and choices! Try Gummy Drop! You’ll like it!
  4. Play Gummy Drop everywhere! On your phone, tablet and even on your home computer! (I love that)
  5. Great graphics and a plot to match! Gummy Drop!

You may discover other reasons to fall in love with Gummy Drop. It’s highly addictive and loads of fun! A gamer’s delight! Gummy Drop will soon replace the other trending games and bring plenty of smiles to your face. Get on board, download the Big Fish Games app to your phone or tablet. Click the banner to download the hub to your PC or laptop and join me for some addictive fun today!
Big Fish Games

Registration is required. The app, hub and registration are totally free!

Secret: I’ll be playing Gummy Drop¬† as soon as I’m finished writing this!¬† LOL!