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How Much #High #School #Spanish Do You Actually Remember?

How Much #High #School #Spanish Do You Actually Remember?

Did you attend High School in the 60’s and 70’s? If so, then you should remember that Spanish was a requirement in order to graduate. Who knew then that it would become something that we hear spoken on a daily basis in most of the U.S. I’m not fluent in the language but I can discern keywords to get the gist of a conversation in progress nearby. Here are a few words that most should remember from high school. Take the quiz and see how well you do! Buena Suerte!

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Learn a new language today!

I travel daily to many local areas and it seems that no matter where I go there are conversations in Spanish. Many of us feel a bit left out when a foreign language is spoken around us and feel a little pressure because we don’t know what is being said. Although someone may not be talking about you, many feel that they are, due to a lack of understanding of the language in the conversation being held. Don’t let things like that make you a prejudiced person. Make an effort to apply some patience and learn something. Possessing a little linguistic understanding has made a few friends for me and I’m offering this opportunity to you. The below listed program is easy to learn, affordable and fun once you begin learning it. Although Spanish is the focus, there are many other languages available for you to learn. Greek, French, German, even Swedish and Tagalog! Explore the site, take advantage of the free trial and follow that dream of being able to speak an exotic language today! Order Now! Amigos!  Buen vin de semana!

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How Many Basic Foreign #Language #Words Do You Know?

How Many Basic Foreign #Language #Words Do You Know?

Konnichiwa! How many of you know what that means and the country of origin? Take this quiz and discover how linguistic you really are! Many of these words are spoken in the U.S. daily but many don’t recognize them. If you’re culturally diverse then you should nail this quiz. If not? You should take the language course provided below.

Language Quiz!

Learn a new language!

I’ve been privileged in life by having the opportunity to travel abroad to many countries and I’ve been halted by language barriers along the way. Back then I didn’t have the things that are available to people today to translate languages such as apps that work via phones and tablets. There were books. Little books that taught you basic conversational language like Hello, Goodbye and where can I get something to eat? (My task was to learn how to ask for a beer LOL! )Although there’s an app for that today, you should still learn the language as well as you learned your own with knowledge of the verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on … Check out one of the best methods below and get an “up” on the country you plan to visit.

How Many Widely Used #Words Do You Actually Know?

How Many Widely Used #Words Do You Actually Know?

How many of these words can you get correct? I got 18/20! No cheating please? LOL! Many will pull up the dictionary on their phones to get all 20 correct. Take the test based on brainpower alone and see what you know. Share it and challenge your friends!

Today's Fun Quiz!

Parents! If you have an educational focus in life and have children 5-10 yrs in age then the program listed below is perfect at increasing the confidence of your child in school. A “device born” Math program that works from a tablet so that you can interact with your children as they get math lessons. They have REAL instructors and one-on-one teaching available.  There’s no reason NOT to help your children get a headstart on one of the toughest and least liked subjects in school. There’s a two week free trial period so you have plenty of time to discover how it works and make a decision. They have been praised by educators on TV as being a great start for children. Click the link below to discover the wonders of math and assure a solid interest in math for your little ones. Have Fun!

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