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#Easter #Memories

#Easter #Memories

Easter. The memories that come to mind for me are still quite vivid. It was in the early 1960’s and I remember that all I could think about was the moment that I got to open one of the  Easter baskets that my mother painstakingly created and were displayed for all the family to see on the dining room table.  Colorful cellophane wrapping with a ribbon tied at the top and the ears of a large chocolate rabbit pushing the cellophane upwards. The anxious anticipation of being able to “pig out” on sweet treats that weren’t allowed normally was the focus of the day. I looked forward to gorging on jellybeans, marshmallow chicks and those little eggs that left your lips white after eating them. Remember those? I had to attend the ritual first which was getting all dressed up for church services and while in attendance my mind floated back to that anticipated Easter basket and the upcoming joy I would experience.

This brings to mind the kind of jellybeans that we had at the time. Large beans with limited flavors available. So few that we identified them by color rather than by flavor. White, red, pink, yellow and black which was the only jellybean that we could name the flavor of – licorice. I remember that many store at the time would have promotions that made you guess how many jellybeans were in a jar and the closest guess would win a prize. It was a yearly experience that was truly rewarding for any child of that era. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s, beginning to define my life as an adult that I experienced the taste of the “best jellybean ever!” The year was “1976”, the year that my tongue was introduced to flavors that made my head spin! Flavors that were immediately identifiable. Pineapple, watermelon, chocolate and mango to name a few. The orange and lemon beans tasted like the fruit they were named after and I was absolutely amazed.

These days I still participate in that joyous Easter ritual by sneaking a few from the baskets of my grandchildren, nephews and nieces to discover what new flavors that have come along since I first began enjoying them. I’ve discovered that some of the newer flavors are “Dr. Pepper” and “Draft Beer?” Hmmm … that one is definitely for Dad and Mom. If you’re into the crafting of Easter baskets as opposed to buying them pre-made then make sure the the jellybeans included are the best jellybean ever, Jellybelly.

Easter basket
Fill your basket with jellybelly beans!