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A #Million Dollars? When? Where? How? #Contest

A #Million Dollars? When? Where? How? #contest

A Million dollars. What a wonderful way to win it! Just buy movie tickets from #Fandango. Seeing a movie is something many will be doing over the holidays anyway. If you haven’t seen #starwars yet then now’s the time. Guess what? If you’re a VIP then you’re already in. Make the holidays great and take the little ones out to see a movie before school resumes. Win a million dollars too!

Fandango Instant Win Promotion

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Top Ten FREE Traction Building Ideas for a New Web Site

Top Ten FREE Traction Building Ideas for a New Web Site

The dot com era proved that just building it isn’t enough. The chicken and the egg issue exists -you need customers to get customers… and attempting to launch a web site, is that issue on steroids. So, how to get traction?

Here are Ten FREE Traction building Ideas we are trying:

1) Email Your Friends:
Find everyone you know that relates to your target market and introduce them to your website via email… as you know them, leverage every piece of emotional capital you have with them to encourage them to take a look at your new site and join.

2) Ask Your Friends to Refer Others:
If you send an email to people who are your target market, clearly articulate why it is valuable to ‘THEM’ (not just you) to join your site… and then ask and make it easy for them to refer people they know. Here’s an example of an email I wrote that asks for a referral –

“Please forward to anyone that may be interested… entrepreneurs, advisors, people with Blogs, press contacts etc! Even forwarding to four or five contacts will make a big difference for us!

Happy New Year and thanks!


I’ve just discovered a new web service bringing potential business advisors together with entrepreneurs and early stage businesses. For Advisors – It’s a great way to discover new deal flow and get involved in a hot new company. For Entrepreneurs – a great way to take your business to the next level in 2007!

The site is called Advisor Garage – and was recently featured in Business Week!

Please sign up and forward this email to great advisors and entrepreneurs.

After three or four weeks of steps 1 & 2 we found that we had begun to get a few people onboard… So now what?

3) Write a Press Release and get it OUT there…
I can almost hear a few folks swallowing and already considering looking for the next blog… it really isn’t that tough and it isn’t expensive. In fact, its FREE! Don’t believe me? Consider signing up to PR Leap ( Not only do they have some good articles which explain for dummies (like me!) how to write a press release but they also offer a free submission service to multiple channels such as Google News, Google Search, Yahoo! Search,, Technorati, MSN, Ask News, Moreover, NewsNow and others. According to their website – PR Leap is the best way to send your news release(s) to all major search engines, newswires, and websites. And basic accounts are free!

So what happened with us? Well we signed up, created a one page press release (took about 30 minutes), submitted it and it was approved earlier today. It will appear tomorrow. If you are interested, the link to the press release is:

The basic plan (read… Free) comes with stats, so I’ll let you know in a few days if the press release was actually read by anyone and if it was picked up by any sites, bloggers, press etc. Let’s see how good PR Leap and our press release writing skills are!

4) A Personalized Toolbar:
A great startup called Conduit ( offers people the opportunity to create their own, personalized toolbar for FREE. Conduit has a wizard embedded within their website which takes you through the setup process step-by-step. It took about twenty minutes and once you’re done, they create a link to your toolbar download site which you can then share through an email signature or through a click through download on your new networking site. There are a number of cool ways to tailor the toolbar… your branded search, create links to particular pages on your own site, add weather, a radio and so on to make sure its a value download for your customers.

5) Design Your Site with the Customer In Mind and Make Inviting Others Easy
If, like us, your marketing budget is measured by the quarters rattling around in your pocket, then do your site a favor and design it so the ‘Invite Others’ button is never far away. No matter what page the users happen to be on. Bold it, make it big, underline it if you have to but referrals from happy customers are always easier to get than attracting new customers.

6) Friends & Contacts Revisisted:
Do any of your friends know anyone in the press or people who have blogs ? Well you won’t know until you ask… ASK!

7) Join Linked In (
If you haven’t already, consider joining linked in. Yes, its another networking site, and you could consider them the compeitition (In your dreams!)… but after joining you can search through the directory and find people that may either a) be interested in joining your site or b) encouraging others to do so. If you aren’t a member already, take a look

8) Groups & Forums:
Are there Yahoo ( or Google Groups ( or other online forums that include the types of people you want to attract to your new networking site? If so, join them but beware… most groups want members to contribute to the discussions and no groups appreciate spam. So find the best forums for your target customers, join and spend some time getting to know what subjects are being discussed. Give it a week or two then jump in and add some value… and make sure that your post includes your email and perhaps the web address. If it is valuable, then members may check out your new site…

One last thing, if there aren’t any good groups with your target customers… consider creating your own… and make it it feeds your new networking site. Here’s one I started and yes… I know it only has a few members… but its more links in the internet for your website which appears in your google or Alexa results:

9) Write to your Existing Members:
Do you have a few members? If so, email them occassionally (Not every day!) and remind them of the value of your site… perhaps highlight a particularly useful tool or feature of your website. Maybe reach out to some of the individual members and ask them if you can write about them joining the site, a person feature if you will. At the bottom of each of these emails… give them a few sentences (above for example) to send on to others they know. Stress how much you would appreciate their help and how important they are to you and your young business.

10) Drum roll… .badda badda badda… .Create a Blog!
Here’s hoping that a blog is the tenth and most valuable means of getting the message out there about a new networking site. ( is FREE)

Good Luck!


NOTE: I grant permission for every reader to reproduce on your website or blog the article you are now reading. But copy this article ONLY, without any alteration and please Include the copyright statement. (NOTE: I am giving permission to host on your website this article AND NO OTHERS. Reprinting or hosting my articles without express written permission is illegal, immoral, and a violation of my copyright.)”Copyright © 2007, Andrew D. Ive, Advisor Garage. Advisor Garage Blog. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint this article on your website without alteration if you include this copyright statement and leave the hyperlinks live and in place.”

What #game are you playing? #Try This!

What #game are you playing? #Try This!

Hey Candy Crush lovers! Are you getting frustrated having to wait a long time to continue with candy crush? Tired of being held hostage and needing help from your friends? Are you actually paying to continue playing? Fret not. Help is here! Big Fish Games has introduced their version of candy crush and I have to tell you that it’s much easier than the present trend. It’s called “Gummy Drop.” It’s in the same format of Candy Crush, match 3 and it has several great benefits which I list below.

  1. You get a Gummy Drop life fill up EVERY 60 min. Which means you can play continuously! No waiting for many hours or the next day.
  2. NO friends needed! With Gummy Drop you don’t have to send out those awful requests that everyone hates!
  3. One app download to get tons of other gaming types and choices! Try Gummy Drop! You’ll like it!
  4. Play Gummy Drop everywhere! On your phone, tablet and even on your home computer! (I love that)
  5. Great graphics and a plot to match! Gummy Drop!

You may discover other reasons to fall in love with Gummy Drop. It’s highly addictive and loads of fun! A gamer’s delight! Gummy Drop will soon replace the other trending games and bring plenty of smiles to your face. Get on board, download the Big Fish Games app to your phone or tablet. Click the banner to download the hub to your PC or laptop and join me for some addictive fun today!
Big Fish Games

Registration is required. The app, hub and registration are totally free!

Secret: I’ll be playing Gummy Drop  as soon as I’m finished writing this!  LOL!

#Women’s #fashion Up to 70% #discount?

#Women’s #fashion Up to 70% #discount?

I’m not kidding! Let me introduce you to an up and coming fashion site that caters to ALL of your fashion needs in one place at discount prices.

If I haven’t noticed anything else in life I’ve noticed that women like to look good. Looking good raises self esteem and a high level of self esteem makes one feel confident. That’s why I’m confident that when you see the items on this site, the prices that they have and the discounts that they offer, you’ll need more closet space.

This is lovely! Don't you agree?
This is lovely! Don’t you agree?

Long Skirts on Sale – Save up to 62% Off on over 80+ Long Skirts that all women would love at Coupon is not necessary. This offer ends on June 30th.

The site is Jolly Chic and their prices will surely make you jolly! What do you need? Fashion Jewelry and other accessories? Fashion Clothing items that are also available in plus sizes? Fashion Shoes, purses, undies and intimate wear? They have it. It will make you say … Booyah!

JC shoe
It’s party time!

Coupon codes are available for many items also.

June Coupon Special 1 – Take 5% Off on purchase of $35 or more with coupon code: jjune1 at This coupon is valid through June 30th.

JC watch
What’s this before your eyes? A great way to accessorize!

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