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Like #Apps? Here’s a #fun one!

Hey, are you into apps? Want to download a fun app on your phone? Well, with this app you can do so many fun things if you have a creative mind and a vivid imagination.

It’s called “Spoofcard” and it lets you do wondrous, crazy things like being able to disguise your voice. How would you like to do some of the things listed below?

  • Call your partner and pretend that you’re someone who has a crush on them and see how they’d react. Fun! A good prank but be careful because it might backfire.
  • Fool someone who is seeking employment by making them believe they’ve been hired by the company that they really want to work for. A little mean … but fun!
  • Call your kids as they’re on their way to school and say … “I know what you did and I’m calling the police and your parents!” Watch them freak out! Fun!

Text Message Spoofing

“Spoofcard” also has a function where you can change the “Caller ID” number so that no one knows it is you. This function combined with the “Voice Change” allows you to:

  • Check up on your teenaged children by calling them with a different Caller ID number, use the Voice change and say, “Hi, we met online some time ago …” Then wait to see if they will tell you when they get home. Helpful yes?
  • Call a potential employer with the number of a former employer, use the voice change and give your own reference! Crazy! Just get your foot in the door and get that Job.
  • Call somewhere for a price and then call back with a different Caller ID number and different voice and see if you get the same quoted price.  Interesting concept.

Another fun thing about this App is the function that lets you appear as if you’re somewhere public, like at a club, casino or even a train station! Call people and make them think that you’re not as boring as they think you are. Let them know that you have a life, even if it’s only in your imagination. You can even record their reactions! Yes you can be a master of phone pranks and also use it for good things. Sign up today and see what your creative mind can come up with. Who will have that spoofing prank that will go viral?

This app works with android phones, tablets and iphones and is based on minutes or credits that are purchased via several plans. The one that I’d recommend would be the $29.95 for 200 minutes. That’s plenty of time and if used correctly you can accomplish many things with this App.

If you do something with this App whether it’s a good thing or a prank, we’d appreciate your posting it to this page. Thanks! Happy Spoofing!


#Classic #Collectible #Holiday #Gift #Idea!

#Classic #Collectible #Holiday #Gift #Idea!

Who do you know that would love something like this? A classic collectible that one can enjoy and display the bottles on a mantle or collector’s case. A great deal at a great price! Order today and create a holiday memory that will never be forgotten. #Rock it!

Holiday Gift Idea!

#Junk #food #benefits? Yeah, Right!

Nearly everyone in the world consumes some form of junk food. Whether it be potato chips or the ever so healthy yogurt. It’s still not considered a staple and it’s listed as junk. Take a gander at this list of junk foods that are actually beneficial to your health. Just remember the “Golden Rule,” “Everything’s good in moderation.”

Now that you know what foods are beneficial to you, your perspective while perusing the supermarket aisles has changed, yes? This new knowledge that you have gained is like getting a coupon to splurge in the snack section and that seems to be something we all want. A few of these items are actually good for dieters and diabetics. If you’re involved in one of the above listed predicaments then coupons have a new meaning for you.

Coupons to print

Want #UGG #Boots? #Sale!

Want #UGG #Boots?

There are tons of ads out promoting “cheap UGG boots.” Reality check. There are no cheap UGG boots. They’re fake UGG boots. Do you really believe that the manufacturer would set a branded price on their product and then sell them for much less? NO! That’s the reason that we have brought this genuine UGG boot sale to you. This is how you get REAL UGG Boots at a discount! Get your favorite styles here and avoid being scammed by those ads that appeal to your wallet instead of your good sense. Just click the pic below for your deal!

#Oscar #Dresses: Who wore it?

#Oscar #Dresses: Who wore it?

Do you watch the Academy awards? If so, then you are probably one who pays close attention to what the stars wear and the controversy surrounding it. Compiled in this quiz are dresses worn over the years by celebrities to the Oscars. They are iconic dresses worn by iconic people to the Academy Awards. Do you know the person just from their dress?

The Oscars gone wild!

Dress like the stars!

High Fashion Dresses